“As a family we are so grateful for Iona’s help and support with my baby Theo. From when he was born he was always very windy, a very frequent feeder amd a poor sleeper. I repeatedly raised concerns with my HV, the GP and a feeding nurse but noone provided any sensible suggestions a to what was going on. I felt frustrated and didnt know what to do.

I ended up contacting Iona and she has been a great help. She did a very thorough assessment about my pregnancy, post natal period and also about Theo, after which she raised the suspicion of a tongue tie and also provided several other suggestions to help with factors contributing to Theo’s reflux.

She provided me with the contact details of a tongue tie practitioner who confirmed her suspicions.

Since the division Theo has been a totally different baby- he is so much happier. I’m so grateful for Iona’s expertise and help. She provides a holistic approach to addressing reflux and I cant recommend her enough to any family struggling with a baby with reflux”

Sarah and Theo, Gateshead.

“Before working with Iona, River was extremely unsettled. It was obviously he was really uncomfortable and I didn’t know what to do to help him. He was on the highest dose of reflux medication along with hypoallergenic formula and thicker. I knew he needed help but I didn’t know where to start.

I got in touch with Iona who carried out an assessment of River. From her assessment she was able to provide us with lots of information. She explained what reflux was and how to treat the cause of his reflux. It was great to be given advice that was specific to River. Iona is very approachable and is dedicated to getting to the route cause of the reflux. Prior to working with Iona we had only been offered medication to treat the symptoms and it felt good to be working towards a solution rather than trying to mask the symptoms.

After carrying out the advice provided by Iona River is much more settled. He is a lot happier during the day and is sleeping a lot better overnight. We are slowly reducing his medication which is going really well. I feel a lot more relaxed knowing that River is feeling more comfortable and he continues to improve as time goes on.”

Sally and River, Edinburgh

“Iona carried out a reflux assessment on Quinn and provided us with an extremely detailed report on her findings. We had a zoom call to go over all of these and discuss Quinn’s issues.

As this was my 3rd reflux baby, I felt I already had a comprehensive understanding of reflux but Iona’s expertise was super and I learned so much from our consultation and her tailored recommendations for Quinn.

Iona has been in touch regularly since our chat to check on Quinn and offer more support and advice. Where were you 8 years ago when I was dealing with reflux with our first baby Iona?

If anyone has a reflux baby at home, I would absolutely recommend getting in touch with Iona. As a mum of a reflux baby herself, she totally gets it.”

Laura and Quinn, Edinburgh

“I contacted Iona not expecting much as my first born had severe silent reflux and allergies. I thought I had researched everything to death on the topic.

However, my second child was projectile vomiting and dropped 2 percentiles. I felt things spiralling an was determined I was not going to be robbed of my child’s first year of life. I was very much robbed of my eldest first year and so was she. We trusted that doctor’s and paediatricians knew more and the truth was they didn’t. Not enough research and information is passed on to the medical fields for younger babies.

Iona provided a very thorough assessment and consultation.

I loved how in depth it was and she explained everything to me, in great detail. she provided impartial advice and several options to explore and by the end I felt I knew what was going on and what to do next. She checks in on you and provides a lot of information that is invaluable.

If you are undecided if this is for you, honestly don’t hesitate. I feel everyone should be assessed, not just reflux babies that struggle, all babies and mothers would benefit from this.

I cannot thank Iona enough for her additional insight.”

Mummy L and Baby D (did not wish full names to be used)

“Iona was fantastic. She really took on board the issues with my son who has reflux. I completed a questionnaire, took video footage and we had a zoom call. I was totally amazed how much she picked up from these. She identified that my son had restrictions in the mouth.

Her recommendations were to look into tongue tie (which he has that luckily doesn’t impact him) and to see an osteopath as he is very tense/rigid due to his birth. We saw a difference after a couple of sessions.

Her recommendations were spot on. We received a detailed report covering each point in the questionnaire which is really informative. She provides lots of advice and resources.

I would highly recommend Iona and her services. Five stars.

Nyree and Matthew, Broxburn