my approach

So, what is different about how I address reflux?

My approach is holistic, meaning that I look at baby’s life as a whole rather than just tackling the symptoms they are experiencing. I ask you about everything from pregnancy and labour to birth, feeding and behaviours that baby is exhibiting as all of this is relevant to their reflux journey. I also look at absent symptoms to understand baby and assess them fully.

This approach acknowledges that reflux is always a symptom of something else and aims to find and address the root cause in order to effectively help baby. 

I understand that every baby is different and therefore do not provide you with generic answers, but a fully tailored service with recommendations relevant and achievable for your family.

Training in reflux taught me so much…

After having my baby who suffered with reflux, and finding that the holistic approach was the only one that worked for us, I felt compelled to study further and spread the word that you don’t have to wait for baby to outgrow reflux. You can find the cause and tackle it.

I undertook and completed a Certificate in Infant Reflux with The Baby Reflux Lady and haven’t looked back. I then decided to learn more in depth about allergies, reflux and the gut and undertook a OCN Babyem course at level 4 in Infant Allergies, Colic and Reflux. I loved this course and it really broadened my outlook on infant feeding and allergies. I look to continue my professional development regularly to support families with even more knowledge.

I look forward to working with you and together we can find the root cause and help your unsettled baby.